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  • Protect the front end of your Jimny from Animal strikes as well as offroad obstacles
  • Place to mount driving lights (including integrated light bar inside bull bar
  • Great place to mount an electric winch
  • Recovery points included as standard. 
  • Light weight design 
  • Great airflow through open front
  • Winch compatible, suits ATV and full size winches (ATV preferred for the little Jimny)
  • Looks bloody amazing


  • ADR compliant bar
  • Air bag compatible
  • Recovery points included as standard, rated to 2.5T each
  • Bar is made from once piece steel, combination of 3mm and 4mm, Tow hooks are 12mm
  • Included Bash plate is 3mm Aluminium
  • Spot for integrated LED driving light in the bar, fits most 20-22" single row LED light bars.  We suggest the offroad Animal 22" light
  • Factory fog lights are maintained
  • Suits full size winches up to 8,000lbs
  • Also takes ATV winches like the Warn Axon. A 5,000lbs ATV winch is perfect for a Jimny you don't need any bigger.
  • Head light washers relocate into bar
  • Hi-Lift Jacking points in bar
  • Can be colour coded to car
  • Optional top hoops (round or stealth style that incorporates another light bar)
  • Number plate flip included as standard
  • Easy to install in a few hours with no wiring required. Complete bumper replacement
  • Only adds 15mm to front of Jimny but offers much better approach angle due to high stance.
  • Zinc plated then powder coated Matte Black


Suits all Suzuki Jimny JB74 models 2018 to current


Fitting time 2-3 hours

Fitting difficulty 3/10

Included in box

  • 1 x Front bar weldment
  • 1 x LH chassis impact bracket Inside
  • 1 x RH chassis impact bracket Inside
  • 1 x LH chassis impact bracket Outside
  • 1 x RH chassis impact bracket Outside
  • 1 x Recovery point LH
  • 1 x Recovery point RH
  • 1x RH recovery point clamp plate
  • 1 x mesh fairlead mount
  • 1 x Light cover Mesh LH
  • 1 x Light cover Mesh RH
  • 1 x centre bash plate
  • 1 x number plate flip
  • 1 x Adaptor plate to suit ATV winches
  • 1 x LH fog light bracket
  • 1 x RH fog light bracket
  • A butt load of nuts and bolts to make it all sit nice and pretty


Predator Bull bar, Suzuki Jimny JB74 2018 to current

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