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Dyno tuning is a process that involves the use of a dyno or dynamometer, which is a sophisticated piece of equipment designed to simulate different road conditions to measure a vehicle's performance under specific circumstances. The dyno measures various variables like power, air-to-fuel ratios, ignition timing, engine and inlet air temperatures, boost temperature, among others. By assessing different engine functions and diagnosing any problems, the dyno technician can determine whether or not a vehicle requires dyno tuning.

Most vehicle manufacturers produce engines that are suitable for a general owner type, but every vehicle owner treats their car differently. Consequently, the engines are limited in several ways, such as in performance, fuel economy, and power. Dyno tuning allows vehicle owners to enhance their engines to match their specific driving needs. For instance, dyno tuning can assess the fuel-to-air ratio to improve fuel economy or adjust the engine to provide more torque, power, and performance for touring purposes.



Not every vehicle requires or would benefit from dyno tuning, but modern diesel engines, such as the Toyota Hilux, Toyota Prado, Ford Rangers, and Nissan Patrols, are ideal for dyno tuning because of the fantastic benefits that enhancing the engine provides, such as more torque and power, greater towing power, greater fuel efficiency, more horsepower, maintaining high driving standards, and helping the engine run smoothly. At McCormacks4wd, we specialize in diesel engine performance upgrades, as diesel engines are versatile, hardy engines that have come a long way and are quickly growing in popularity.

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