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Come and find out why Toro means bull in Spanish. Everyone has a boring old ARB or TJM bar. Why be like everyone else? Time to stand out from the crowd. How about you stand out from the crowd and get something that shows your wild and fun side.



  • Looks.  Yep this bad boy looks great and will give your Cruiser that Super aggressive look
  • Smaller bar means it weighs less so your Cruiser can still be fast
  • Better Airflow than the rest to keep your motor cool too.
  • Easy fitment of bar and winch
  • Winch can be fitted after bar is fitted so,  yeah, nice
  • Winch mounts feet down, (actually how most winches were designed,)
  • Can have LED light bar fit inside bar for super stealth cool look (up to 22" LED single row)
  • Cover plate included if you don't want to have light bar set into bull bar
  • Can have LED light bar fitted into optional top stealth hoop.

Offroad Animal Toyota Land Cruiser 76, 78, 79 Series 2007+ Toro Bull bar

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