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Stedi ST3303 Pro 18.4 Inch 24 LED Light Bar

Stedi ST3303 Pro 18.4 Inch 24 LED Light Bar

SKU: LED3303-PRO-24L

Introducing the STEDI ST3303-PRO, a high-performance double-row light bar that takes lighting to a whole new level. With almost a decade of cutting-edge design and market-leading performance, the ST3303 is the ultimate high-performance double-row light bar. With massive light volume and unparalleled beam throw, the ST3303 is truly the Gold Standard of LED Light Bars.

Beyond its exceptional performance, the ST3303-PRO boasts an ingenious design that ensures durability and reliability in any situation. With an IP68 rating, Optical Grade Hard-Coated Lexan lens, A360 Cast face plate and extruded Aluminum heat sink the ST3303 comes ready to conquer the toughest terrains.

The powerful combination of the spread and spot beam pattern combo illuminates the road ahead, offering enhanced visibility, especially during challenging weather conditions. With a heavy-duty Smart Plug & Play ADR compliant Wiring Harness, installation becomes a breeze, and the light bar seamlessly integrates into your vehicle's electrical system helping you elevate your off-road adventures to new heights.

  • Registered Design: 201915829.
  • CREE XLamp XP-L HI undomed LEDs using CREE's breakthrough SC5 Technology
  • RFI and EMI suppression circuit. Guaranteed to not interfere with Radio or GPS Equipment.
  • IP68 - Submersible to 3m 
  • Single High Current Deutsch DTP-2 25A connector
  • 32mm diameter parabolic reflectors 
  • Spread and Spot beam pattern
  • 4mm thick 304 stainless steel side brackets included.
  • Cast Alloy adjustable sliding bracket included.
  • Nitto Denko Breather with PTFE microporous membrane.

Heavy-duty Smart Plug & Play ADR compliant Wiring Harness. (Switch, Fuse, Relay and HB3 and H4 Piggyback Adaptors) included

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