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Here is a stylish steel top hoop for your Predator bar. This 2 piece Steel hoop not only protects the grill and lights but looks bad ass.  We call it the Rally hoop as it's inspired by the rally cars of old with a pod housing their driving lights.  This one is obviously more functional as it is made from steel to assist in grill protection.  Plenty of speed holes cut in it to so airflow is not blocked to the radiator as well.  


This version houses two Stedi Type X EVO lights and only these lights, we have versions to suit Offroad Animal lights as well.


This hoop suits Offroad Animal bars with a flat top so ones that suit our Type A style hoops.


If your vehicle has a Radar cruise control unit in the badge in the middle of the grill you can not run this hoop, ie. some 200 series, later model Hiluxs, 300 series 


Rally Hoop to suit Predator bars for Stedi Type X EVO

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