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Our new Lightforce Harness to Single Switch 8 Pin Adaptor is designed specifically to connect a range of Lightforce switches to a range of new generation Lightforce harnesses with slimline connectors.


With this new 8 Pin adaptor, you no longer need to use solder, plugs or crimps connectors to wire your Lightforce switch to your Lightforce harness.


The plug-and-play installation using the SWADP4 means reduced DIY install time because you no longer need to identify and connect individual wires and you get a much tidier factory-look result.


This 8 Pin adaptor is currently compatible only with the upgraded Striker LED harness with the slimline connector that comes with the Striker LED Twin Pack and the single switching harness. Other forthcoming Lightforce harnesses will also suit these adaptors.

Lightforce Harness to Single Switch 8 Pin Adaptor

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