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Our new 8 Pin adaptors are designed specifically to connect a range of Lightforce switches to a range of new generation Lightforce harnesses with slimline connectors.


With these new 8 Pin adaptors, you no longer need to use solder, plugs or crimps connectors to wire your Lightforce switch to your Lightforce harness.


The plug-and-play installation means reduced DIY install time because you no longer need to identify and connect individual wires and you get a much tidier factory-look result.

Allows for direct connection to the dual input switch (TY2DI) ONLY and is compatible with LFDLHTS2 Wiring Harness.


Switches compatible with the Lightforce SWADP6 are as follows:CBSWTY2DI, CBSWTY2DIMTO

LightForce Harness to Dual Input Switch 8 Pin Adaptor

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