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This wiring harness has been designed to allow for simple integration into a third party switch controller (purchased separately).

The harness has the correct 4 pin connectors fitted to each end, for direct connection into the HTX model driving lights.



Split tubing is supplied separately allowing the for the red and yellow wires to be cut to the required lengths.


NOTE: No relays or switches are included with this harness, do not wire the yellow and red wires directly to a battery as this wiring harness is designed to be used in conjunction with a switch controller that incorporates relays, fuses or short circuit protection.


Refer to the installation instructions included with the switch controller purchased for detailed installation instructions.


Ensure the switch controller used is capable of switching the current load of the HTX lights.


HTX Driving light specifications


Current draw per light:

  • LED 8.5A @ 10 volts
  • HID stable current at 10V – 4.5A
  • HID start up current for HID System is approximately 8A for 10 seconds.

Total operating current for 2 lights:

  • LED: 17A
  • HID: 9A
  • HID Peak start up current: 16A

HTX Wiring harness for Integration with a 3rd party switch controller

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