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Are you seeking the ideal power solution for your 4WD adventures? Look no further than the Power Up Slimline Lithium Batteries! These cutting-edge batteries are designed to provide unparalleled performance, especially for weight-conscious applications like caravans, camper trailers, motor homes, and of course, 4WD vehicles.

McCormacks 4WD lithium batteries

Why Choose Power Up Slimline Lithium Batteries Over AGM Batteries?

In comparison to traditional AGM batteries, the new Power Up Slimline Lithium Batteries offer a host of remarkable advantages. One notable benefit is their incredible charge capacity, which is twice that of AGM batteries, all while being only a third of the weight! Moreover, their life expectancy is three times longer, ensuring longevity and reliability for your power needs on those long journeys. Unlike their AGM counterparts, our slimline lithium batteries are also less affected by depth of discharge, resulting in significantly extended cycles of life.

Integrated Power Management System for Safety and Longevity

Safety is of utmost importance when it comes to power solutions, especially during off-road expeditions. With the Power Up Slimline Lithium Batteries, you can rest assured. These batteries come equipped with an integrated power management system that diligently monitors battery performance and essential elements, ensuring both safety and long battery life throughout your adventures.

Versatility and Connectivity for Your Convenience

The Power Up Slimline Lithium Batteries are built to cater to your unique power requirements. With an internal 20-40A DCDC charger, you gain unparalleled flexibility for your dual battery setup. Additionally, the batteries feature Bluetooth monitoring and low voltage load disconnect to prevent any potential damage. For those utilizing solar power with a 12-volt bank, the solar charge controller in these batteries optimizes performance while protecting against overcharging, thus prolonging the battery's life.

The Perfect Solution for Maximum Performance and Battery Life

With a rapid charge rate and plug-and-play connectivity for multi-vehicle use, the new Power Up Slimline Lithium Batteries offer the perfect power solution. Their compact design, available in two sizes, ensures maximum performance while preserving valuable space in your 4WD. And here's another reason to trust the Power Up brand: these slimline lithium batteries are Australian designed, engineered, supported, and manufactured, and come backed by a 5-year warranty for added peace of mind.

Experience the Power Up Difference Today

Take your 4WD adventures to new heights with Power Up Slimline Lithium Batteries. To learn more about our cutting-edge batteries or to schedule a professional installation, contact us and book an appointment today. Empower your journeys with reliable, efficient, and lightweight Power Up Slimline Lithium Batteries - the ultimate choice for all your 4WD power needs!

Slimline lithium batteries

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