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How to Choose the Right 4WD Tyres for Off-Roading on Different Terrains

Updated: May 4, 2023

Are you planning to take your 4WD vehicle off-roading? If so, it’s important to have the right tyres for the job. 4WD tyres come in various sizes and types, each designed for specific terrains and driving conditions. In this post, we’ll cover how to choose the right 4WD tyres for off-roading on different terrains.

Mud terrain, all-terrain or highway terrain tyres

  1. Mud Terrain (MT) Tyres Mud terrain tyres are designed to tackle the most extreme off-road terrains, such as mud, rocks, and sand. They have deep, wide-set tread blocks and large voids to provide maximum traction and self-cleaning. Mud terrain tyres are typically noisier and have a rougher ride compared to other tyre types, but they offer excellent off-road performance.

  2. All-Terrain (AT) Tyres All-terrain tyres are designed to perform well on both off-road and on-road surfaces. They have a more balanced tread pattern with smaller voids, making them quieter and smoother on the road. All-terrain tyres are suitable for moderate off-roading and provide good traction on dirt, gravel, and rocky surfaces.

  3. Highway Terrain (HT) Tyres Highway terrain tyres are designed for on-road driving and light off-roading. They have a smooth tread pattern with minimal voids, providing a comfortable and quiet ride on the road. However, they offer limited off-road traction and are not recommended for extreme off-roading.

What to consider when choosing 4WD tyres for off-roading

  1. Terrain Type Consider the terrain you’ll be driving on the most. If you’ll be driving on rocky, muddy, or sandy terrains, mud terrain tyres are the best option. If you’ll be driving on a mix of on-road and off-road surfaces, all-terrain tyres are a good compromise. For on-road driving with occasional off-roading, highway terrain tyres are the best choice.

  2. Size and Load Capacity Ensure that the tyre size and load capacity are appropriate for your 4WD vehicle. Consult your vehicle manual or a tyre specialist to determine the correct size and load capacity for your vehicle.

  3. Tyre Pressure Off-road driving requires lower tyre pressure for better traction and improved ride comfort. However, reducing tyre pressure also increases the risk of tyre damage and punctures. Consult a tyre specialist to determine the optimal tyre pressure for your 4WD and the terrain you’ll be driving on.

At McCormacks Auto Service, we offer a wide range of 4WD tyres for all terrains and driving conditions. Our expert technicians can help you choose the right tyres for your 4WD vehicle and provide professional tyre fitting services. Contact us today to learn more about our 4WD tyre options and services.

4WD tyres for all terrains
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